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Manuals on CD never get greasy or unreadable. Simply print the pages needed, refer to them and then trash them when finished.

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  • Rotax

#RX-401, Rotax FR-125 max & FR-125 Jr- max Go-Kart Engine Shop manual, covers models: FR125Max and FR125Jr-Max, 3 manuals, total of 108pgs,
Contains; Repair Manual, Technical Specifications Manual, Illustrated Parts List. $14.95

#RX-402, Rotax Aircraft Engine Model 447, 503, 582 Shop Manuals, Covers models 447, 503, and 582, 4 manuals total of 590pgs, Contains; Installation Manual 68pgs, Operators Manual 68 pgs, Maintenance Manual 60pgs and Illustrated Parts List 394pgs. $19.95